Welcome to hello, spriggan!™, the official nest of Leigh Ann Gagnon’s Spriggans.

Spriggans are small, ethereal nature spirits. They are cheerful and always find delight in the world around them!

Spriggans relate strongly to their environments, often taking on qualities of things that they like. Some prefer plants and will sprout their own leaves and flowers while others will grow fur, tails, little antlers, etc. in response to the animals that they’re caring for. Some Spriggans respond more to stones, with crystals and gemstones being especially popular. Spriggans may have physical attributes as well as behaviors that change with the seasons (like leaf color or a propensity for hibernation).
And still others might be more chameleon-like, with attributes that reflect their moods or changing interests. Spriggans will also decorate themselves with found objects– flowers, pretty leaves, shells, woven grass, acorn caps, anything shiny or useful!