Custom Spriggan Painting

from 20.00

Get your very own special Spriggan painting!

You can suggest

  • what you’d like your Spriggan to be based on (ie general characteristics, like “plant” or “crystal”, or more specific ones, like “apple blossom” or “amethyst”)
  • overall color palette (“blues and greens”, “earthy colors”, etc)
  • any props or accessories; things wearable or holdable by tiny creatures
  • simple activities (ie singing, dancing, sitting, eating, etc)

....and I’ll come up with the poses and composition!


Mini: ACEO size (2.5 x 3.5" // 64 x 89 mm)

  • One Spriggan + one prop and/or activity
  • no background
  • $20

Large: 5 x 7” // 127 x 178 mm

  • Up to three Spriggans with one prop and/or activity each
  • $40 for first Spriggan, +$20 each additional
  • +$40 for a simple* background, swatch style
  • *simple isn’t really my thing, so what I mean is, not heavily referenced. Possible elements include leaves, grass, rocks, mushrooms; general forest floor/environment stuff
  • For three Sprigs + background: $100. Save $20!

These are common sizes, so pre-cut mats are available for both and frames as well. The painted image will be smaller than the paper size listed so that it doesn’t get weirdly cropped if you do mat it. For example, 5x7 mats actually have an opening of 4.5 x 6.5, so the actual painting for that size would be closer to 4 x 6. They look awesome matted.

If you have something bigger or more specific than this in mind, you can contact me and we’ll work out the pricing. It will be more than what’s listed here, since there will be more back and forth involved and I’ll have to give you more drafts and thumbnails to make sure you’re happy with it!

You’ll get an original, unique watercolour painting; I retain rights to sell prints, etc. Please allow 1-2 weeks to make and ship.

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