Lucky Spriggan Blind Box


This listing is for one mystery Lucky Spriggan! This is a completely one-of-a-kind bottled Spriggan to add to your collection. Perfect for sitting on your shelf and creating a special little collection of original art, without taking up much space. Great for yourself or as a gift for someone else!*

◦ Each Spriggan is an original miniature watercolor painting, no two are alike. 
◦ Each one is carefully selected and relocated into a tiny glass bottle, along with a little moss or lichen.
◦ Spriggan/bottle sizes will vary. Overall bottle sizes range from 1.25" - 2.25" (32-57 mm) tall.
◦ Designs are chosen at random; you will not be able to choose specific Spriggans. It's basically a blind box. :) Pictures shown here reflect some of the Lucky Spriggans I've made in the past.
◦ This listing differs from the subscription service in that Lucky Spriggans are made to order and then mailed immediately-- so if you order multiples, you'll get them all at once rather than over the course of months. If you're interested in the subscription, join the Spriggan of the Month Club.
◦ Carefully packed in a small gift box.

*Gift for a friend? Please be sure to provide their correct name and address during checkout. If you have any questions about giving this subscription as a gift, please email me!

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